Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Find out how your Chinese sign will do in the year of the Rabbit

Starting on February 3, 2011 we entered the year of the rabbit which is promising a more peaceful year (as opposed to the year of the tiger that we just endured). I mean look at that cute little bunny!! How could anything go wrong? This is a time to settle your nerves and catch your breath! However, it is also a time for negotiations and those who try to force issues will ultimately fail. Read here

But how will your sign do this year? To simply look up your animal sign in the year of the rabbit is not enough. It is best practice if you can calculate your actual Ba Zi Element so you can accurately predict your year. I have located one site that really does this well. To guide you through this (as the site can be confusing for first time users) follow these directions:

When you enter the site, scroll down to the end of the page where it says, "Find your Chinese Horoscope Sign & Ba Zi Element". Enter your date of birth and gender. If you do not know the time of your birth it is ok (it will still calculate your sign correctly without your time of birth)

When it calculates your sign it will inform you of what type of characteristics your sign is. At this point, it will tell you colors that are favorable for you, it will also inform you of your overall luck for your whole life. After reading this, you can remember your animal sign characteristics and then go BACK to the original page and find your sign and characteristics and how you will do in the year of the rabbit. For example, I am the weak water ox. When I look at the original page to see how the weak water ox will do in the year of the rabbit, it says that this will be my BEST year. I'll let you know!! Good luck!

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