Friday, May 22, 2009

Use of dragons in Feng Shui to bring you prosperity

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Dragons symbolize masculine energy or "yang energy" and represent activity. They, "symbolize success in any achievement as well as prosperity"

The best place to display the dragon in your home is in the East side of the room or house but do not place an image of the dragon in the bedroom which is supposed to be a restful area. For further detail on dragon placement read Lillan Too

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Use of horses in feng shui to achieve fame

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"In Feng Shui, the horse, whose natural element is fire, is the seventh creature of the Chinese zodiac. It is favorably regarded as one of the animals that exude Yang energy and its representative direction on the zodiac is the South. The horse is emblematic of nobility, class and a comfortable lifestyle, and stands for speed and perseverance...typically placed in the south corner of your living room to energize the fame corner and activate opportunities for becoming famous and widely respected" from

Lillian Too goes on to describe three types of horses you can use depending on your goals; the tribute horse, victory horse, or the celebration horse.

As always, remember to have your space clear from clutter before activating areas of your home. Also remember to check out your personal KUA number to activate your fullest luck potential.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Opportunities with birds in Feng Shui

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Place images of birds in the South area of your home and south corners of rooms. Birds in feng shui represent opportunities. Lillian Too writes, "not only will your reputation be enhanced but you will achieve recognition and obtain great success in your chosen profession".

Please refer to my article on preparing one's home for selling by using feng shui.

Not only is it important to de-clutter your house and clear away stagnant energy...then the fun part enters when you enhance your space using auspicious symbols. If you don't like birds, don't worry, there are other auspicious symbols you can use as well. Keep checking my blog for updates! Feel free to comment or write me at